The power of social media

1st July 2019

And the feel good stories just keep on coming in, thanks to our amazing community. This time it is about one of our Facebook friends who, sadly, is housebound with a chronic illness. Last Christmas she took part in our Reverse Advent initiative and had a friend deliver her donations. She then started following us and realised, seeing our appeals for food, that she could place supermarket orders that could be delivered directly to us. And this is just what she has done – we get regular deliveries that fit in with our warehouse opening hours from her chosen supermarket and the latest was a very quick response to our appeal for rice and instant mash.

We think this is such a good idea and saves the hassle of driving, collecting and parking. We offer it up to those of you who might also be housebound or live too far out of town to make the trip in or who find our opening hours inconvenient because you work, etc etc.

She tells us “I think the work that you do is fantastic and it makes me really happy that I can help in this way and be part of things even though I am in bed most of the time.” And we are really happy that you can support us in such a positive way. Many thanks.

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