CLIC Sargent walk

23rd September 2020

One of our wonderful volunteers, Alison Perry, has been out raising money for a very good cause and this is her account of it:
“We did it! Sunday 20th was a lovely sunny day, and 6 of us walked a little over 10k of the Grand Western Canal and between us raised over £1000 for Clic Sargent, thanks to the support of our friends, including volunteers from @ Taunton Foodbank. Very many thanks for supporting us, our daughters Carolyn and Nicola, our granddaughter Evie, and my sister Valerie. The attached photo was taken when we reached the end of our walk – and we apologise that we were not ‘socially distanced’ for the photo, but assure you that we were for the walk!
We are happy to receive further donations for this fantastic charity which gave great support to our family through our granddaughter, Sophie’s, leukaemia treatment. Donations can be made via Justgiving or via Taunton Foodbank.
Alison Perry (Taunton Foodbank Volunteer)”
And proof, if proof was needed, of Alison and her family at the end of the walk! Just to reassure all of you that they were socially distanced from others on the walk but are not in this photo as they are all part of the same family. And only six of them.

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