Somerset Wyverns American Football Club

11th September 2020

A big shout out to Stacey and Laura who put a lot of thought and planning into making sure they can contribute to our supplies.  They collected enough money to purchase 142.9 kgs (weight of a lineman apparently – who knew!) of food for us. Apparently they crashed two scan and go tills along with the checkout that was opened for them as they had too many items!
But thankfully they got there in the end and delivered the following:
10 x deodorant
10 x shampoo
10 x conditioner
20 x shower gel
10 x baby wash
8 x sanitary towels
6 x 24 bog rolls
10 x 2 pack of tooth brushes
10 x toothpaste
10 x rice
26 x instant mash
40 x supernoodles
10 x pasta n sauce packets
10 x tinned toms
10 x tinned hotdogs
10 x corned beef
10 x ravioli
10 x carrots/peas
18 x bottles of squash
15 x boxes of breakfast fruit bars
10 x 2 packs of jaffa cakes
55 x packs of biscuits
20 x 6 packs of crisps
10 x mulitpacks of chocolate
40 x packs of sweets
35 x bags for life.
434 items = £364.10
Somerset Wyverns American Football Club also contributed to this amazing amount hence fact about weight of a lineman!
 Needless to say, we are so very grateful to all who contributed and those who went to the supermarket and bought all this and delivered it to us. Again, the generosity of our community is amazing.
The two pictured are Stacey (Left) and Laura (Right)

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