Act Now On Debt

22nd February 2021

Many people experience financial difficulties at some point in their life but the earlier they tackle the problem, the quicker the solution.  However bad the situation might be, there are always steps that can be taken to make things better.   Taunton Area Debt Advice is a charity which has a team of trained FCA approved debt counsellors and improved its online services.  Chair of Trustees Steven Reed says “as soon as people begin to sense their finances getting out of control, that’s the moment to seek help.  And there is no need to pay for advice thus adding to financial difficulties.  We charge absolutely nothing for our confidential services.  We aim to take the burden off the shoulders of clients and provide them with a plan, make arrangements and negotiate agreements.  We provide hope”.  Contact Taunton Area Debt Advice on 07921 526087 or visit the web site

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