Thank you to Sarah for her donation

28th September 2022

My name is Sarah Kana-ah and i hold the title of Ms Diamond Somerset. I will be competing in the Miss Diamond United Kingdom Pageant next month in Leeds for the national title of Ms Diamond. If i win i will be off to Las Vegas to compete internationally next year. As a survivor of domestic violence my lifelong mission is to be a symbol of strength to other survivors far and wide to give them hope and to help them live a safe, happy positive life again. Winning the title would mean absolutely everything to me, as it would give me a much bigger reach, so that i can help empower more survivors across the world by teaching them self-defence and educating around healthy boundaries and red flags.
Supporting the foodbank is very important to me as gives support to families and those in need. When someone decides to leave their perpetrator, they leave everything behind- their home, their belongings, their job, their friends, their money and their whole life. They have to rebuild everything again with very little and sometimes no money at all in a refuge or safe house. This is why foodbanks like Taunton Foodbank are vital. Not only do they feed those in need, but they offer support and help those struggling at a very difficult emotional time. Thank you for everything you do and making a difference to so many people’s lives.

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